حمل زمینی از ترکیه به ایران

Land Transportation from Turkey to Iran

Everything about land transportation from Turkey to Iran

When you plan to ship goods from one place to another, one of the most important factors in choosing the method of transporting your goods is the prime cost. Land transportation from Turkey to Iran is the cheapest way to transport your cargo from Turkey.

If you intend to trade and import goods from Turkey, or if you intend to transport furniture or small goods from Turkey to Iran, learning more about land transportation from Turkey to Iran can have a positive effect on your final costs and accelerate your work.

We at IRdelivery, an international shipping company, inform you of the best, cheapest and fastest methods of land transportation of goods from Turkey to Iran. It makes no difference if you are a businessman and you intend to import a large shipment from Turkey to Iran, or you are a retail buyer from Turkish stores who intend to deliver your purchase in Iran, in any case, from the smallest shipment to the largest, we will deliver it to you by land inside the country.

Stay with us until the end of this article to learn more about the details of land transportation from Turkey to Iran.

حمل زمینی از ترکیه به ایران

Methods of land transportation from Turkey to Iran

The most common method used in land transportation from Turkey to Iran is the use of road transport. Trucks and transits have the largest share in road transport and import of goods from Turkey to Iran.

Depending on the amount of your cargo, the type of vehicle for transportation to Iran will be selected. If your cargo weighs from three to six tons, you can use small cargo trucks to transport it to Iran. These trucks are suitable for shipments that are not more than 6 meters long and 2.30 meters wide and high.

If your imported cargo has more volume and weight, you should use the transit method. Transits are trucks with a capacity of up to 24 tons. They are 12 meters long and 2.35 meters high and wide. Carrying all kinds of containers and pallets with this method is easily possible.

It does not matter from which city you intend to land transport from Turkey to Iran. It is possible to transport goods by land from all cities in Turkey. Most of the goods are imported from Turkey to Iran by land, from the cities of Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Bursa, Van, etc.

You can also transfer your imported goods by land to all cities in Iran. You can contact our experts and get a free consultation, to introduce you to the best origin and destination to reduce your costs.

Another issue that you should consider when transporting land from Turkey to Iran is the duration of your shipment. In the case of land transportation from Turkey to Iran, the time it normally takes for the shipment to reach Iran is 7 days. Of course, the amount of time depends on the type of your cargo, and in some cases, the small loads may reach their destination in a longer time.

If you are in a hurry to receive your shipment from Turkey and you want your goods to reach you in less time, we suggest you use the air freight method from Turkey to Iran.

Why choose land transportation from Turkey to Iran?

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for using the land transportation method to import from Turkey to Iran is its low cost. Land transportation has the lowest cost for the importer compared to other available methods. Another advantage of land transportation is the possibility of transferring goods from all cities of Turkey. In the air freight method, your shipment usually has to be loaded from Istanbul Airport.

If your cargo is in another city in Turkey, you will have to pay extra for transportation to Istanbul.

One of the most common cases of land transportation is moving furniture from Turkey to Iran. Transportation of furniture from Turkey to Iran is usually done by road transport, which in addition to low cost, brings more security for your belongings.

Do not forget that transporting home furniture requires sufficient skill and experience. You can use the services of IRdelivery for this purpose. In addition to obtaining all licenses, we perform all stages of transportation from Turkey to Iran for you.

These steps include loading, transporting furniture to the warehouse, obtaining the necessary permits and performing customs affairs, and finally, land transportation from Turkey to Iran. You can easily have your items delivered to your door in Iran without doing any work and at no extra cost.

حمل زمینی کالا به ایران

Land transportation price from Turkey to Iran

You may want to know more about land transportation costs from Turkey. The cost of land transportation depends on a variety of conditions and factors.

The first factor to consider when transporting your cargo is the origin and destination of your cargo. Certainly, the greater the distance between the two, the higher the transit price.

Another factor that affects the price is the type of product you have. Ordinary shipments cost less to transport than dangerous goods. For example, shipping cargo loaded with clothing costs less than chemicals.

The third factor that is calculated in the cost of transporting goods from Turkey to Iran is the means used for transportation. If your shipment is retail, it can be transported by small trucks, which of course cost less. But if your shipment requires a large truck, the cost will be higher.

Since the selection and transportation process by foreign trucks requires sufficient experience, we suggest that you use an international shipping company to transport land from Turkey to Iran. This will save you extra money. You can use the services of the international shipping company IRdelivery for this purpose.

Other factors, such as the weight and volume of your cargo, also affect your shipping costs. For more information in this field and to calculate the exact price of shipping from Turkey to Iran, please contact IRdelivery experts.

IRdelivery Company services in land transportation from Turkey to Iran

Finally, it is necessary to mention that you can impose all the relevant costs on the seller when concluding the contract. In this case, all your shipping costs, including loading, customs, road transport, etc. will be borne by the seller.

But if your contract is such that you have to pay all the costs yourself, we suggest that you use the services of a shipping company. Using the services of a shipping company can save you a considerable amount of money. Also, due to experience and expertise, your cargo will be transited in the best possible way.

With years of experience in international shipping, we select the best routes and options to reduce your costs.

To get started, just contact us and we will give you the necessary advice. After registering your order, all you have to do is wait for your shipment in Iran, and your desired destination. We will do all the steps of importing goods from Turkey for you in the least possible time.

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