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Buying from Alibaba

Buying from Alibaba site and its tips

Shopping from Alibaba is one of the best ways to shop online, with many fans worldwide, especially in Asia. If you are a businessman or merchant or even intend to supply goods as an ordinary person, buying from Alibaba can be the best option.

Alibaba.com is one of the largest online shopping stores in China, and it has a global reputation. Reasonable price, acceptable quality of goods and services and extensive support worldwide are among the reasons for the popularity of this online store. The main activity of Alibaba’s site in online sales is wholesale and retail. This platform has provided a platform for the manufacturer of goods to deliver his product to customers worldwide at the lowest price without intermediaries.

The online store has more than 200 million users worldwide. Also, more than 7 million sellers and manufacturers on this website are actively presenting their products. It is interesting to know that shopping from Alibaba alone accounts for more than eighty percent of the traffic of online retailers in China.

Perhaps the feature that makes buying from Alibaba attractive to Iranian users is the possibility of using it without any problems. Many international online stores, such as Amazon or eBay, do not provide services to Iranian users due to international sanctions against Iran.

But Alibaba site has fewer restrictions on the activities of Iranians, which can be one of its features. Of course, using this feature also requires the experience of experts.

As one of the largest dynamic economies globally, China has a large manufacturing industry that can be an excellent option to meet our needs, given its very reasonable prices. For many years, Iranian traders have had large imports from China due to the good relations between the two countries.

 With the advancement of technology and the spread of online commerce, we may not need to travel to China in person to supply our goods as before. You can easily receive all your goods in the country by using the possibility of buying from Alibaba.

 IR Delivery Group, with the benefit of its experience, as well as its experts, is ready to provide all shopping services from Alibaba for its users. Then join us to get more information about shopping from the Alibaba site.

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Everything about buying from Alibaba

Alibaba Company has been operating in Hangzhou since 1999. The founder of this global international store is Mr. Jack Ma. Alibaba site at the beginning of its activity, was able to quickly follow the path of success and became profitable in just two years.

Over the past 20 years, the company has sought to establish itself internationally through innovation and global operations. For example, it is interesting to know that the Alibaba site allocates 3% of its annual revenue to environmental protection.

As mentioned earlier, Alibaba is a Chinese online store that offers its products directly and without intermediaries to its users. This platform makes buying bulk directly from the manufacturer for traders and merchants. They can easily choose the product they want from hundreds of manufacturers at any price.

Ali Express is one of the sub-branches of Alibaba Company, which is suitable for small purchases. Since most sellers on the Alibaba site prefer a minimum purchase price of $ 500, Ali Express does not place any restrictions on this.

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Alibaba site and its details

All services of Alibaba Company are provided to customers through its website. Alibaba is the largest online store in China.

Alibaba website performance

Like any other website, you need to register first to work on Alibaba. If you are a manufacturer or seller of goods, you can easily create an account on this site. Alibaba site covers all the goods, and it is impossible for you to ask for something and not find it.

To buy a product, when entering the website, all you have to do is search for the product you want to find many sellers for your product. You can also select your product from the categories section of the site. Alibaba has attractive features for customers to buy the right product.

You can talk directly with the seller of the goods and get information about quality and price from him. You can also view the comments of other buyers of the product and benefit from the experience of other buyers. The ratings that users give to each product after purchase is another way to identify the right product when buying from Alibaba.

Types of sellers on Alibaba site

If you intend to work as a seller in Alibaba, it is better to know that sellers on this platform are divided into two categories.

  • Gold sellers
  • Non-gold sellers

Gold sellers are those who pay a membership fee to Alibaba to increase their ranking, and Alibaba gives the seller more legitimacy by approving it. In contrast, there are non-gold sellers who use Alibaba’s free services.

Gold sellers have access to three membership levels, which we will mention below.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

Each level has its own capabilities that you can use according to your needs. If you want to prioritize search results or showcase more products, a particular level may be appropriate. This level can increase your product views up to 100 times.

In any case, using Alibaba services is free, but if you want to use all the features of the Alibaba site, you have to pay for it!

Learn to buy from Alibaba

To buy from Alibaba, you need to register in it. We will teach you step-by-step to buy from the Alibaba site and some related tips in the following part.

  • Create an account in Ali Baba

Before starting an activity on the Alibaba site, it is necessary to register in it first. The registration process in Alibaba is straightforward, and it is possible only by registering your basic information. By choosing your username and password, you will be able to work with the Alibaba website.

  • Get information about Alibaba sellers

The first step to making a successful purchase is finding the right seller. In addition to being reliable, the seller must sell your product to you at the lowest price. At this point, you need to select your seller using the search tools.

Sellers are available on the Alibaba site in two ways, and you can make your purchase in two ways:

-Direct purchase from the factory: In this method, you make your purchase directly from the factory.

-Buying from intermediary companies: These types of sellers are intermediaries between you and the factory.

  • Search for goods in Alibaba

Once you have registered and met the various sellers, you can search for the product and product you need by searching the site. Alibaba site provides you with many possibilities for exploring. From search by name to product rating and ranking.

Once you have found your product, you can choose it by examining it from different angles. Things to consider when choosing your product are:

  • Price of goods

The most important part of a good purchase is having the right price for the product. When buying from Alibaba, you should pay attention to the cost of your product and the type of transportation. In Alibaba, sellers must specify whether they will deliver the cargo to the ship’s deck or not. In the case of cargo delivery on the ship’s deck, the cost of transporting the cargo to the ship is on the seller.

  • Order quantity and its minimum

When buying your product, you should pay attention to the minimum allowed order. You can talk to the seller about the amount of your order and change it if agreed.

  • Payment type

Now that you have found your product and agreed with the seller, you must check the payment method. Note that this requires sufficient expertise and experience.

Types of payment methods in Alibaba

You can pay in several possible ways on the Alibaba site. In the following part, these payments will be considered:

  • Bank transfer:

This payment method is only suitable if you know the seller and have already made a deal with him. Advance payment by bank transfer is not offered at all to anonymous sellers.

  • Credit payment:

If your transaction is more than twenty thousand dollars, we suggest you use this method. This payment method is safe and secure.

  • Payment through Western Union:

This method of payment is as risky as the first method. This payment type is used only when the seller is reputable and you trust him.

  • Pay via PayPal:

PayPal is a top-rated global payment service. You can easily make your payments from anywhere in the world this way with high security. Note that PayPal is not supported in all countries. Also, the tax is higher than other methods.

  • Alibaba Guarantee Document:

This kind of payment method has the highest security in Alibaba. In this method, your payment will be paid to the seller after confirmation by Alibaba.

The final stage of buying from Alibaba

So far, you have succeeded in buying your goods after registering and finding the right seller and product. The final stage of buying from Alibaba is absolute control of the quality of your product and goods. You must make sure of the quality of the goods before receiving them.

The point that becomes a challenge at this stage is how buyers who buy their product from other parts of the world check its quality? Buyers outside China cannot directly check their shipments. These people have to make their shipments through the companies that provide services in this field.

The IRdelivery group, with its experienced staff and experts, can easily help you in this regard. We will do the purchase process for you from Alibaba from the beginning to the end as soon as possible, and after final review and approval, we will deliver it to you in the country.

خرید از سایت علی بابا

Buy from Alibaba in the fastest time.

Buying from Alibaba can be a valuable option for promoting your business in the future. With the platform that the Alibaba site has provided for you, you can easily offer the types of products you need. Affordable shopping and the wide variety of products on Alibaba’s site have made it an ideal online store more than anything else.

Given that you are in direct contact with the manufacturer in Alibaba, you were concerned about quality and originality.

Another advantage of buying from Alibaba is the speed and delivery process. The IRdelivery site guarantees that your shipment will reach your loved ones in the fastest possible time and with complete security.


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