حمل دریایی از چین به دبی

Shipping from China to Dubai

One of the most widely used methods of cargo transport from China is shipping from China to Dubai. This method is very common among merchants. Since international sanctions have halted the process of importing goods into the country, the method of shipping by sea from China to Dubai, and then transferring it to Iran, is a good option for traders.

The UAE is a good destination for international trade due to its geographical location in the Middle East. Since the UAE is a neighboring country of Iran, it is possible to facilitate the process of importing goods to the country by shipping them from China to Dubai.

Shipping from China to Dubai allows merchants to do international trade at the lowest possible cost. IRdelivery Company, with several years of experience in the field of international transportation, is ready to provide all freight services from China to Dubai for dear merchants.

In this article, we introduce you to the process of transporting cargo from China to Dubai. Stay with us until the end of this article.
روش‌های حمل دریایی از چین به دبی

Why transport cargo from China to Dubai and then transfer them to Iran?

Importers may ask, what is the reason for transferring our cargo from China to Dubai and then importing them to Iran? This may sound strange, but you may be surprised to know that this often reduces your import costs!

The reasons for transporting cargo from China to Dubai can be summarized in several headings:

  1. Due to the ban on shipping retail cargo to Iran.
  2. International sanctions. In many cases, the seller is reluctant to send his product to the sanctioned country. Therefore, merchants can register Dubai as their destination, so that their goods can be sent without any problems.
  3. In the method of transporting goods from China to Dubai, the cost is lower and the speed of transfers is higher. Due to the direct shipping line from China to the port of Jabal Ali in Dubai, you can find a shipping company to send your cargo almost any day you want. This has led to competition among shipping companies, each of which tries to ship your cargo at a lower price. We can easily take advantage of this opportunity to reduce our costs.
  4. Ability to send goods to the free zones of southern Iran and use the special exemptions.

In most cases, it is not possible to ship retail cargo to Iran. If we want to import goods directly to Iran, we must use the air freight method, which is expensive. It is also unwise to use a full container with most of it empty.

IRdelivery, in collaboration with the most reputable shipping companies, is ready to carry out the shipping process from China to Dubai at the lowest possible rates. Call our experts right now and they will guide you.

Various methods of shipping from China to Dubai

IRdelivery International Transportation Company has provided two methods of transporting cargo from China to Dubai. Depending on the quantity and size of your cargo, you can use one of this two shipping. In the following, we will describe these two methods for you.

Shipping from China to Dubai by LCL method

Your load may not be enough to fill a container. In the LCL shipping method, your cargo is shared with other people in a container. One of the advantages of this method is that there is no limit to the quantity of your cargo. From one cartoon to several pallets can be placed in a part of the container and next to other goods.

In this method, you do not have to pay for the entire container, but only for the amount of space occupied by your goods. This method is very convenient for shipping from China to Dubai for small cargo. Shipping by LCL is the cheapest method of shipping.

حمل کالا از چین به دبی از طریق دریا

Shipping from China to Dubai by FCL method

In this method of shipping, you rent a container completely and all the available container space is at your disposal. It is best to use this method if you have a large cargo. This method has a higher cost than the previous method.

You can also use IRdelivery warehousing services in China. By using this service, we will place your cargo in the desired order in the container, and then we will send it to the ship for loading.

The method of shipping cargo depends on the type and quantity of your goods. You can easily choose the best method of shipping from China to Dubai by contacting our experts and asking for help.

How long does it take to ship goods from China to Dubai?

There are various methods for transporting goods from China to Dubai, which can be selected according to the quantity and size of your cargo. One of the fastest ways to transport goods from China to Dubai is by air freight. If you are in a hurry to receive your cargo, you can use this method. But beware that this method costs more. Your cargo will reach you in 15 to 20 days in the air freight method.

If the duration is not an issue for you, the best option is shipping from China to Dubai. In this method, your cargo will arrive at your destination in about a month. This method costs you less than air freight.

Most traders choose the shipping method from China to Dubai. You must bear in mind that whichever method you use, it’s the expertise and experience of your transportation company that directly affects the final costs.

By using the knowledge and information of a reputable transportation company, in addition to choosing the best transportation method, you can make the most of their contacts in China and Dubai, as well as their experience in the field of shipping, so that your goods reach you faster, in addition to spending less money.

Call us today, and we will help you to get a better decision.


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