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Buying from Amazon

Buy from Amazon and its tips

Buying from Amazon is a good solution for people looking for a product that they cannot find in Iran. People did not intend to shop online and even considered it a scam and unreliable thing in the past. Many people were afraid to register their banking information on the Internet and were not interested in doing so. So they were not thinking of buying from Amazon, but buying from in-house platforms was also a bit unpopular.

Nowadays, this trend has changed, and more people than ever before have turned to online shopping and do most of their daily activities on the Internet. Shopping from the Amazon Store is one of those events.

But for the reasons we all know, Iranians can’t buy directly from Amazon. In the past, to buy from the Amazon store, after purchasing the desired product, we had to send it to an acquaintance abroad, and after that, our goods would be delivered to us through foreign travelers.

Now you can easily buy the product you want through Amazon and not live through the past hardships. By “Iran Delivery” group, you can inform us everything you want on Amazon so that it can be bought by us abroad and can be obtained in Iran or other parts of the world as soon as possible. This article will introduce you to Amazon and purchase from it.

خرید از آمازون

The History of Amazon website

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon started working in Seattle, U.S.  Jeff Bezos had ambitious dreams, and intended to dominate the electronic business. He wanted to turn Amazon into a shop where everything could be found.

Having worked for 20 years after the start of its journey, this shop is active in more than 14 countries and covers almost half the population of the world. An interesting fact to know is that with a value of more than 700 billion dollars, Amazon is the fourth biggest company of the world. Also, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, is one of the three richest people in the world.

Amazon can be considered to be the most flawless online shopping website where anything you want is available with the best price. A lot of users visit Amazon on a daily basis. Many retailers advertise on Amazon all around the world which has made a great deal of income for this website.

Amazon is also a big manufacturer in technology, hardware, and even movie, and documentary industry.

We have provided our users with a platform where you can easily choose your goods using a computer, or a phone, and be informed of their price and details simply by sending us the link.

You dear users can get your goods in the shortest amount of time, and with the best price at your home using “Ir Delivery” website.

Shopping on Amazon

Why is it attractive to buy from Amazon?

By visiting the official Amazon website, you will find that some of the products on this website have a better price than those of its competitors. You might ask yourself why is it that the prices on Amazon are lower? In fact, Amazon does not determine the prices of the goods, and to have prices, it uses different factors, some of which will be discussed below.

  • Pricing based on a special algorithm

The Amazon website, like other online shops, uses its special algorithm to price goods. This algorithm dynamically sets the prices based on supply and demand. In fact, using the market analyses, the product profits, the number of available retailers and many other items, the prices are controlled and given to the costumer.

Although this does not stand to reason that every single product will be found with a better price than in other online shops, it is rather a system to monitor the prices to deliver the goods to the costumers with the best prices.

  • Investments in different parts to reduce the cost

With huge investments in different parts like cheaper packaging, or delivering the goods directly and without a third-party, Amazon has tried to have a considerable reduction in costs. With reduction in cost of services, the final price of the goods is also dropped which serves as more of a satisfaction to costumers.

An important tip on shopping from Amazon

When shopping on Amazon, you need to pay attention to a few things which will be discussed in the following lines.

When shopping on Amazon, try to choose your products correctly and not be fooled by the discounts, points, and extra offers. Maybe it is the case for you as well that because of a timed discount, you buy something totally unnecessary. Some retailers use this trick to sell more of their products.

In fact, so many of Amazon’s goods are offered with discounts that you often forget what products you really need and what you do not.

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 How to buy from Amazon?

One of the interesting things about shopping on Amazon which is available for a host of people is the existence of original products. You can find goods on Amazon likes of which will not be found in Iran at all. In some cases, these goods are not even seen on Chinese shops.

Leveraging its experts, “Ir. Delivery” is ready to provide shopping services from Amazon to its users. Making the steps of your shopping easier and reducing the time of delivery and cost, this company will do your shopping safely and deliver your goods.

To do this, after entering your name and contact information and sending us the link to your chosen good, our experts at “Ir. Delivery” will contact you and let you know the complete details with the final price.

“Ir. Delivery” cannot accept the requests for the goods which are forbidden or against the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Using this link, you can also watch the video on how to shop on Amazon.


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