حمل کالا از ترکیه به ایران

Transporting from Turkey to Iran

Transporting cargo from Turkey to Iran

During the las few years there has been a rise in the trade with Turkey due to many reasons two of which are; being neighbor and friendly relation between these two countries. As a result of the economic boom which has been experienced in Turkey during the recent decades this country has turned into a producer of various products in the region, and that is why many traders and merchants are working in the field of transporting cargos from Turkey to Iran.

You may find this article useful, if you are among the group who intend to transport cargos from Turkey to Iran.

We will explain all the points regarding the transportation of cargos and products from Turkey to Iran, no matter if you are doing a wholesale purchase or you are a visitor to Turkey who wishes to transport a few products with you.

You are going to get familiar with transportation services provided by IRdelivery Company from Turkey to Iran, stay with us till the end of the article.

How to send goods from Turkey to Iran

Generally, transporting cargos from Turkey to Iran is usually done through either of the following two ways:

  1. Airway transportation
  2. Ground transportation

And they are fully explained in this article.

حمل هوایی بار از ترکیه به ایران

Transporting cargos using airplanes

Airway transportation is one of the common ways of transportation among merchants and general public. The import from turkey to Iran by means of planes can be dropped under two categories:

  1. Ferrite
  2. Cargo

Ferrite is the passengers’ overload. This way is for those passengers who wish to carry more baggage with themselves. The standard weight for each passenger is 30 kilograms and when they use ferrite they are able to carry more load with themselves.

The other way is Cargo which is suitable for trades and merchants. Using this method the merchants’ commercial cargos are transported to Iran by planes. The costs of airway transportation is high, though, it is faster than any other ways. Through airways your cargo is delivered within 2 or 3 days, so if you wish to get your cargo as fast as possible this method is highly recommended.

The aforementioned method is also suitable for transporting retail purchases from Turkey to Iran. It is possible to do the airway transportation in almost all the airports in Turkey. And although most of the products transported to Iran are from Istanbul airports you can also use other airports in Turkey.

It’s worth mentioning that in airway method there is a wright limit which prevents you from transporting large and heavy cargos. You can find further information in airway transportation from turkey to Iran page, in case you wish to know more details about airway transport from Turkey to Iran.

IRdelivery as a transportation company which transports cargos from Turkey to Iran would take all the steps of airway transportation from Turkey to Iran, therefore you can contact us for further information or free counselling services.

حمل بار از ترکیه به ایران به روش زمینی

Ground transportation from Turkey to Iran

Ground transportation is another common method to transport cargos from Turkey to Iran. Most of the traders use this method in order to transport their cargos from Turkey to Iran and the most important reason to that is lower costs.

Ground transportation from Turkey takes place through Bazargan border. This method of transport is done in either of the following two ways:

  1. Road transportation
  2. Railway transportation

Either of the ways mentioned above can have a different price according to the type, volume and weight of your goods yet, the costs of ground transportation is generally lower than the airway method. The most transportation between the two countries happens through ground method. Cargos between 3 to 40 tones are transported by means of trucks. If you wish to transport container loads or furniture, this method is financially reasonable.

Railway transportation from Turkey to Iran is mostly used for bulky cargos such as corps, construction material and chemicals. You can also use this method if your goods come in multiple containers. The costs of railway transportation from Turkey to Iran is lower than the other ways.

حمل بار از ترکیه به ایران

How long does it take to transport cargos from Turkey to Iran?

The pace of ground transportation from Turkey to Iran depends on the type of your goods. If your cargo is a full container it is loaded quickly and starts its journey to Iran. In this situation your cargo is delivered in roughly 5 days. But if your cargo is not big enough to make a container full it has to be loaded and transported with others’ cargos. It is called groupage or shared cargo. In this situation your cargo starts its journey as soon as the container is full and it is delivered approximately within 7 to 10 days.

The best way of doing ground transportation from Turkey to Iran is use the advantage of ground transportation services offered by companies like IRdelivery which is an international transportation company. As we transport cargos in large scales, your cargos are loaded in the containers and start moving towards Iran quickly.

If you wish to find some further information regarding the ground transportation from Turkey to Iran, make sure that you read ground transportation from Turley to Iran page.

The costs of sending goods from Turkey to Iran

Freight fare from Turkey to Iran depends on the type and amount of your goods. Moreover the destination at which you wish to transfer your products can be effective. Regardless of the location at which the products are delivered, whether Tehran or any other city, we ensure our customers that it is done with a reasonable cost.

You can contact us if you would like to know the exact freight fare by IRdelivery and further information.

Important points in importing from Turkey

Certainly, every country has its own commercial laws that must be followed by individuals and companies. No matter what method of transport you use, there are some rules and regulations to follow. In order to transfer your cargo by freight you need to do the arrangements and necessary things two weeks in advance. As the freight process takes several days, you need to take the necessary steps in advance. No matter what method of transport you use, it is of great importance to have all the documents needed with you. So if you are a trader and you intend to import goods from Turkey to Iran make sure that you have the following documents with you:

  • Business card
  • Customs duty payment document
  • Discharge document
  • License required for transportation
  • Purchase invoices or proforma
  • Initial point certificate, etc.

Sometimes the goods need to be packed because either the traders would like to import the products in the packages of their own company or there are some dangerous substances which must be packed in a special way, in such cases you can use warehousing services in Turkey. IRdelivery by means of its experiences and years of working background in the field of international trade is ready for cooperation and counselling services. No matter if you are great merchant or a retailer, using our experience and tips would facilitate your import process and reduce your costs.

If you wish to run a profitable business, contact us just today. IRdelivery experts will be at your service.

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