حمل بار از  آمریکا به دبی

Shipping from America to Dubai

Everything you need to know about shipping from America to Dubai!

You might think that because of the political relations between Iran and America, or international sanctions, it is not possible to import goods from America to Iran! This is somewhat correct, but it is possible to import from America to Iran indirectly. You can provide the steps of transferring it to Iran by transporting cargo from America to Dubai.

If you operate as an international merchant, or are a retail buyer of goods from the US, we can help you ship goods from the US to Dubai, and then transfer them to Iran.

In any case, this article will help you learn more about the process of shipping cargo from the United States to Dubai, and its intricacies. We give some tips so that you can make better decisions for your business. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Shipping methods from America to Dubai

In 2018, the United Arab Emirates was the 19th largest market for goods exports to the United States, with exports totaling $19.5 billion.

There are two options for shipping cargo from America to Dubai:

  • Maritime Transportation
  • Air transportation

Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will mention below.

حمل و نقل دریایی از آمریکا به دبی

Sea shipping from America to Dubai

Load less than one container or LCL: In this method of transportation, instead of renting a full container, you place your cargo in a shared container with another person or persons. In many cases, LCL is the cheapest way to ship cargo from the US to Dubai.

Full Container Load or FCL: The FCL method means renting a full container for your exclusive use for a fixed fee. Depending on the volume and quantity of your cargo, this method can be more economical than the LCL method in some cases.

Shipping from America to Dubai by air

This method is the fastest way to get your goods to the United Arab Emirates. In addition, cargo safety is more in the air transportation method from America to Dubai. However, keep in mind that this method is often more expensive than ocean shipping.

How much does it cost to ship cargo from America to Dubai?

The final cost of shipping goods from America to Dubai depends on various factors. IRdelivery International Shipping Company guarantees to ship your cargo from USA to Dubai at the lowest cost. However, shipping costs from the United States to Dubai depend on the following:

  • Nature of goods
  • Selected shipping method (FCL, LCL, air)
  • Cargo weight
  • Cargo dimensions
  • Distance between origin and destination
  • Type of service (such as port to port, door to door, etc.)

If your cargo weighs less than 100 kg, the cost of shipping it by both air and sea methods is almost the same. In this case, perhaps the best option is to choose a faster method.

If your cargo and goods weigh more than 100kg, sea shipping is usually cheaper than air shipping. However, IRdelivery will transport your shipments, regardless of weight and size, through both sea and air methods. Contact us to calculate the exact cost of your shipment from America to Dubai.

How long does it take to ship cargo from America to Dubai?

It is quite clear that shipping cargo from America to Dubai by air is much faster than by sea. Air freight takes about 4 days. However, this amount may increase or decrease due to customs duties, warehousing, unloading and loading, and other matters.

Shipping your cargo from the US to Dubai by sea depends largely on the port of origin. If you ship from the US East Coast, your shipment will reach its destination faster. Shipping from USA to Dubai generally takes about 29-54 days.

The duration of shipping goods from America to Dubai by sea

Below you can see the approximate shipping time from the United States to Dubai by ocean shipping, from some cities in the United States of America:

  • Boston to Jebel Ali – 38 days LCL
  • Boston to Sharjah – 38 days FCL, 46 days LCL
  • Los Angeles to Jebel Ali – 46 days LCL
  • Long Beach to Jebel Ali – 44 days FCL
  • Miami to Jebel Ali – 37 days FCL
  • Savannah to Jebel Ali – 33 days FCL
  • New York to Jebel Ali – 32 days FCL, 37 days LCL
  • Boston to Abu Dhabi – 44 days LCL
  • Chicago to Jebel Ali – 37 days LCL
  • Charleston to Jebel Ali – 29 days FCL, 35 days LCL
  • Houston to Jebel Ali – 38 days FCL, 46 days LCL
  • Houston to Sharjah – 39 days FCL, 54 days LCL
  • Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi – 52 days LCL
  • New York to Abu Dhabi – 43 days LCL
  • Long Beach to Abu Dhabi – 47 days FCL
  • New Orleans to Jebel Ali – 41 days FCL
  • New York to Jebel Ali – 32 days FCL
  • New York to Sharjah – 36 days FCL
  • Auckland to Jebel Ali – 40 days FCL
  • Norfolk to Jebel Ali – 29 days FCL
  • Port Everglades to Jebel Ali – 41 days FCL
  • Savannah to Jebel Ali – 33 days FCL

The duration of shipping goods from America to Dubai by air transportation method

Below you can see the approximate duration of shipping from America to Dubai by air, from some American cities:

  • Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, or Detroit to Abu Dhabi – 5 days
  • Atlanta or Miami to Dubai – 6 days
  • Seattle, Boston, Dallas, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati to Dubai – 5 days
  • Dallas, Fort Worth to Abu Dhabi – 8 days
  • Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi – 6 days
  • Chicago Ohar to Dubai – 4 days
  • Cleveland to Dubai – 8 days
  • Los Angeles to Sharjah – 7 days
  • Philadelphia to Dubai – 7 days

Which method should we choose to transport cargo from America to Dubai?

In the following, we will discuss in more detail the details of shipping cargo from the United States to Dubai in both sea and air methods. Finally, you will be better able to determine which method is best for you.

Sea shipping from USA to Dubai

Sea freight is the main method of shipping cargo from America to Dubai. In this method, goods are placed in a container, and loaded on a special cargo ship.

حمل و نقل دریایی از آمریکا به دبی
As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to sea freight, there are two types of methods available to traders: LCL and FCL. Both options can be requested on a port-to-port, or door-to-door basis. The right option for you depends on the weight, volume and nature of your goods. Contact us for a free consultation.

Information about cargo transportation by LCL method

Advantages of shipping cargo from America to Dubai with LCL method:

  • Shipments that have a small volume incur less shipping costs in this method.
  • You can easily pick up your cargo at unloading warehouses.
  • Since your shipment is smaller, it will be loaded faster.

Disadvantages of shipping cargo from America to Dubai with LCL method:

  • Load preparation, and excessive handling in the process, may damage fragile, delicate and perishable products.
  • Longer shipping time due to the need to fill the container.
  • Your shipment may move and move more often, moving alongside other shippers’ shipments.

Information about cargo transportation in the FCL method

Advantages of FCL shipping:

  • The fastest mode of sea transportation, because there is no need to combine the cargo with the cargo of others.
  • Your goods are in a dedicated container on the entire route between America and Dubai.
  • It is more economical than LCL method when your cargo volume is large.

Disadvantages of FCL shipping:

  • It doesn’t matter if the whole container is filled or a part of it, you have to pay a fixed fee in any case.
  • Restrictions on the place of receiving cargo.

Air freight from USA to Dubai

Your cargo will reach its destination much faster by air than by sea. Keep in mind that increased speed comes at a higher cost. In the following, we have explained more about the advantages and disadvantages of air transportation.

حمل و نقل هوایی از آمریکا به دبی

Advantages of shipping cargo from America to Dubai by air:

  • Short shipping time. This advantage makes air transport ideal for perishable goods.
  • The lowest risk and the highest level of security.
  • If your shipment is small, your cost may be even cheaper than the LCL method.
  • High reliability, due to knowing the delivery date.
  • Easier loading and urban transport process

Disadvantages of shipping cargo from America to Dubai by air:

  • For large quantities of goods, in most cases it is more expensive than other methods.
  • Not a suitable option for bulk shipments.

Guide to cargo ports for shipping cargo from America to Dubai

In the following, you can read general information about the ports of the United States and the United Arab Emirates, where the process of sea transportation between the two countries is carried out.

Ports of origin in the United States

Port of Los Angeles

Port information:

  • America’s largest port
  • Covers more than 70 km of California coastline.
  • It has eight container terminals, and more than 80 cranes.
  • Owned by: City of Los Angeles
  • Annual container volume: more than 9 million TEUs


Port information:

  • Located right next to the Los Angeles Harbor in California.
  • It is the second busiest container port in the United States of America.
  • It is more than 40 km wide.
  • Owned by: City of Long Beach
  • Annual container volume: more than 8 million TEUs


Port information:

  • It is located 30 kilometers from the ocean, and on the Savannah River in Georgia.
  • It houses the largest container terminal in North America.
  • Direct access to American interstate highways.
  • The best choice for those who intend to transport cargo from the eastern and midwestern states of America.
  • Owned by: Georgia Ports Authority
  • Annual container volume: more than 4 million TEUs

Port of Seattle

Port information:

  • It is one of the largest container terminals on the west coast of the United States.
  • An excellent choice for customers who intend to import goods from the American Northwest.
  • High container capacity.
  • Owned by: Northwest Seaport Alliance
  • Annual container volume: more than 3.5 million TEUs


Port information:

  • Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • The 10th busiest container port in America.
  • More than 20 container shipping lines work in it.
  • Convenient access to Florida’s interstate network.
  • Belongs to: Broward County, Florida
  • Annual container volume: less than 1 million TEUs

Other ports in the United States

In addition to the five major ports mentioned above, the following ports are also suitable for shipping cargo from America to Dubai:

  • New York
  • Houston
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • New Orleans
  • Boston
  • Baltimore
  • Atlanta
  • Charleston
  • Norfolk
  • Tacoma
  • Miami

Ports of cargo entry in the United Arab Emirates

Khor Fekan port

Port information:

  • The main port of Sharjah and an important transportation hub in the Middle East.
  • The only port in the United Arab Emirates that is not located in the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Very fast and efficient for sea transportation operations.
  • Has modern facilities for cargo processing and acceleration of cargo clearance.
  • Owned by: Sharjah Port Authority
  • Annual container volume: more than 3 million TEUs

Bandar Khalifa

Port information:

  • Super modern and advanced container port, with more growth capacity.
  • It has the only semi-automated container terminal in the region.
  • Container tracking with GPS capability and advanced systems, various customs services and options
  • Owned by: Abu Dhabi Ports
  • Annual container volume: more than 14.5 million TEUs

Jebel Ali port

Port information:

  • The largest port in the Middle East, and the best port in the region in the last 25 years.
  • It was built in 1970 in the largest artificial port in the world.
  • It surpassed Bandar Rashid and became the main port of the UAE.
  • The 10th busiest container port in the world.
  • Provides services to more than 150 ports worldwide.
  • Owned by: DP World
  • Annual container volume: more than 14.5 million TEUs

Guide to airports for shipping cargo from USA to Dubai

In the following, we will introduce the airports that are used to transport goods from America to Dubai.

Origin airports in the United States


Airport information:

  • The 10th busiest cargo airport in the world
  • Located 30 kilometers southwest of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Ranked among the top five US airports in terms of passenger and cargo traffic.
  • More than two million tons of cargo were moved in this airport in 2018.
  • Destination airports in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi.


Airport information:

  • The third largest cargo airport in the United States.
  • More than 1.8 million tons of cargo were moved in 2018.
  • Has a cargo terminal with an area of ​​185,000 square meters.
  • It can accommodate 15 giant cargo planes at the same time.
  • Destination airports in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi.

New York JFK Airport

Airport information:

  • Has the highest volume of inbound cargo of any US airport.
  • Located in Queens, New York.
  • Destination airports in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi.


Airport information:

  • It is located about 37 km north of downtown Houston.
  • The official name of this intercontinental airport is George Bush.
  • Has five bands
  • Serves approximately 180 destinations worldwide
  • Destination airports in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai International.


Airport information:

  • The fourth busiest airport in the world in terms of air traffic
  • It moves nearly 2000 tons of cargo daily.
  • America’s largest aviation hub.
  • Destination airports in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai International.

Other US airports

In addition to the five airports listed above, you can ship to the UAE from the following US airports:

  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Denver
  • Step
  • Miami
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Sacramento

Arrival airports in the UAE

Dubai International Airport

Airport information:

  • The 6th busiest cargo airport in the world
  • The main gateway of Emirates air transport.
  • It carries 2.5 million tons of cargo annually.
  • Connecting airports in America: Los Angeles, Chicago O’Hare, New York JFK, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston.

Dubai Al Maktoum Airport

Airport information:

  • It was opened as a cargo airport in 2010.
  • The annual capacity of 12 million tons of cargo is predicted in it.
  • The total cost of the airport is estimated at 82 billion dollars.
  • Connecting airports in the US: None.

Abu Dhabi Airport

Airport information:

  • The second busiest airport in the UAE for transportation.
  • Nearly one million tons of goods are moved by this airport every year.
  • More than 30 airlines are active in it, and it is connected to more than 60 countries.
  • The capacity increase program is being carried out for the possibility of moving 2 million tons of cargo per year.
  • Connecting airports in USA: Los Angeles, Chicago O’Hare, New York JFK.

Sharjah Airport

Airport information:

  • It has modern cargo transportation facilities in five terminals of this airport.
  • Can support a wide range of import services, including temperature-controlled shipping.
  • It can accommodate 13 cargo planes at the same time.
  • Connecting airports in the United States: None.

واردات از آمریکا، با شرکت IRdelivery

Why should you cooperate with IRdelivery for importing from America?

Shipping cargo from America to Dubai by IRdelivery is easier than you imagine. With years of experience in the field of international shipping, IRdelivery provides you with the best solutions to reduce your business costs.

Whether your chosen mode of transport is sea freight or air freight, we can meet all your cargo shipping needs from USA to Dubai. We are with you in all stages of business. You can instantly

Track the transit steps of your goods from America to Dubai. There is no limit for the amount and volume of your goods, and all the steps of transportation, clearance and delivery at the desired location are done by us.

The advantages of using IRdelivery transport services are:

  • Providing business solutions to reduce transportation costs
  • Direct and simple booking procedures.
  • Providing clear shipping documents
  • Carrying out all complex customs procedures by us
  • You can track all import and export steps in real time.
  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Full compliance with international transportation rules and regulations.

We are ready to facilitate the process of shipping cargo from America to Dubai for you. Contact our experts for a free consultation.

واردات کالا

10 things to know before importing goods

Importing goods from other countries is much more complicated than just picking up the phone, placing an order and waiting for it to be delivered!

There are many things to consider before you place your first order.

You may think that importing goods from another country is a great idea! Is it really so?! Stay with us till the end of this article to find out the answer. We have compiled 10 tips to help you make a better decision. Tips that will help you import goods with a better vision.

1- Is there a local market for the goods you want to import?

Import for sale

Before attempting to import goods from Chine or anywhere else you should make sure that there is sufficient demand in the market of your city or country. Identify your customers and conduct surveys to make sure whether importing goods will be profitable for you or not. If there is limited demand you may end up with a lot of inventory that you cannot sell and lose money on the deal.

Import for use in production

If you are going to manufacture a new product, you need to check that there is enough demand for the final product so that you can warrant importing dome of the inventory you need. If you are considering importing your desired material from another country rather than using local suppliers for items that are already being manufactured, it is thinkable to check that the current level of demand is likely to remain the same or increase. If demand falls, you may have to put a lot of your working capital into storage. You should also conduct a detailed market research to determine what products your competitors are selling the most. It is a good idea to have a list of products names and specifications and retail prices in the level of your city and country to make sure your import has a competitive edge.


واردات کالا توسط شرکت بازرگانی

2- Are you legally able to import the desired product to Iran?

Before you spend time, money and effort on further research you must make sure if you are authorized to import the desired goods into Iran. Legally there are many goods that you are not allowed o import into Iran. These may include goods or products that are produced inside the country or the ones which are generally prohibited from importing to Iran.

3- Cost of importing goods

Before you place your order contact a reputable trading company to get informed on all the steps and fees you have to pay.  These costs can include the items below:

  • Shipping and insurance costs (depending on your negotiated commercial terms)
  • Duties and customs
  • Warehousing
  • Financial costs
  • Costs of services such as custom brokers or shipping

You must exactly know the customs tariff for the goods you intend to import so that you can manage your costs better. There are different costs on your path of importing goods that you have to pay. And you must get informed on them before you start the process. It is worth mentioning that the method of transporting your goods can affect its costs. For instance, seaway transport from China to Iran is more reasonable than airway method.

4- Is it really cost effective to import?

Once you have an idea of the final cost of an item you would like to import, then you can see whether it is a cost-effective option for your business or not.

Sometimes there are some extra costs that can increase your final price in a way that there will be no profit for you to import. You need to work out the costs to see if the final product has a reasonable return on the investment or not.

Hiring an accountant, trade counselor or a reliable customs broker to do the calculations is a suitable solution fro you. This way you can realize whether your business is profitable or not. You can also check which country is more economical to import from. For example, sometimes importing from Dubai is more economical than from China.

5- Can you afford to import?

It is important to make sure that you can afford the import costs. There are two reasons why importing needs liquidity. The first is that, given the high shipping costs, it is more cost-effective to ship large orders rather than small ones, so imported orders are often large and therefore they are expensive. The second reason is that imports increase working capital. The person you are buying from may either ask for payment in advanced or ask you for a letter of credit or bank guarantee. This means that it is not possible for you access your money or use it to start your business in the while between placing your order and paying for it. You need to do necessary predictions to make sure that, in addition to the capital you spend on importing goods you have enough financial resources to run your business. Talk to your accountant or financial counselor to ensure that you won’t face any financial problems till your goods are delivered and sold.

تامین کننده کالا

6- Disadvantages and risks of import

There are more risks associated with importing than buying domestically, and in order to manage them effectively you need to be aware of them. These risks include the following items:

  • The distance between you and the supplier is long. This means that it can be difficult to handle some things such as quality control.
  • The delivery distance and time is longer so it will be more difficult to return products.
  • Due the long process and delivery time you may be in a situation where you have to accept lower quality goods from the supplier.

The seller may not be able to meet your quality requirements within the specified time. In this case you don’t have the opportunity to replace them with another seller so you are forced to accept their low quality products.

You should be careful to find reputable suppliers. When placing your order, you must enter into a contract with conditions which will pay you damages in case of non-delivery at the specified time with the requested quality. The contract should include penalties for late delivery or for goods that are not up to standard. You should also keep an eye on alternative sellers so that you can contact them quickly if necessary.

7- Dealing with exchange rate fluctuations

Exchange rate fluctuation is another risk you may face as an importer. As the import of goods are done in international currency, its fluctuations can affect you final costs. This rate change can sometimes be in your favor or against you. You can contact us to get some advice in this field and to provide reliable solutions for such problems in order to avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations during your trade.

8- Choosing reliable supplier of goods abroad

The cheapest supplier is not necessarily the best supplier for import. Finding a reliable supplier is vitally important. You need to find a seller, who:

  • Doesn’t disappear overnight with your money
  • Delivers your order on time
  • Delivers the products you specified and at your expected quality level
  • Informs you in case of any problems or delays

Some tips to get to know your supplier better:

  • You can ask the seller for a list of previous buyers. You can contact them and ask about the seller’s quality and credibility
  • You can visit the seller’s physical location such as their factory or workshop, by spending more money.
  • Ask for a product sample before you order.

9- Making a deal with overseas suppliers

Dealing with suppliers in a foreign country is often difficult. You may be dealing with people who don’t speak your language and whose culture and views are different from yours. In such situation the risk of misunderstanding and miscommunication is higher than when dealing with domestic and local suppliers.

Learn all you need to know about the country you are importing from. Local industry groups or chambers of commerce can give you some tips. But the best way to get all the needed tips is talk to people who are doing business, import and export, with that very country. IRdelivery can guide in this field.

Cultural similarity can make the business process easier. For example importing from Turkey may be easier for Iranians compared to importing goods from China.

واردات کالا

10- Trade terms and customs requirements

Terms of the transaction

Before signing an import order contract you should know the trade terms used by the importers and exporters. You need to make sure that both parties have the same understanding of the terms. Terms such as EX (ex-factory, warehouse or farm), FAS (free alongside ship) and FOB (free on board) are some examples. Before you sign the contract make sure that you will talk to a consultant in this field to know all the terms needed. You can also use IRdelivery free consultation in this field.

Customs requirements

There are a number of customs requirements that you should know if you are planning to start importing goods. The best way to avoid almost any problems in registering your custom declaration is get help from a shipping company or a customs broker. Keep in mind that importing goods may sometimes cause some challenges. We are always ready to provide our dear compatriots with free advice in the field of importing goods, international transport, warehousing, and clearance and customs matters.

کارگو در چین

Cargo services in China

Cargo services in China and related tips

“Cargo” has different definitions but among Iranian merchants and traders, transportation of goods is called “cargo”. In China, like Iran it is defined as transportation of merchants’ goods. “Cargo” is usually used for shipments which are transported through air or sea ways for commercial purposes. Goods are, sometimes, transported through railway but this method is less common.

In most cases, cargos consist of boxes or containers filled with materials and products which are transported from one company to another. However, person-to-person transport also accounts for a significant portion of global transport.

Cargo services in China

To have system to make sure whether a shipment is exactly what you have ordered, is one of the main considerations when it comes to cargo in China. This is especially important for international shipments, because shipping costs can be high and the time taken to return an undesirable products is often excessive. Most businesses use the services provided by cargo companies in China in order to avoid such problems.

کارگو در چین

Using Iranian cargo services in China can help traders to do their international business as quickly as possible and save money and time. Here are some of China cargo services:

  • Importing goods, purchasing your products, shipping and clearance, cargo services in most cities in China.
  • Finding major sources, manufacturers and wholesalers in China and contracting with them.
  • Cargo in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Shanghai, Beijing and Ningbo.
  • Receiving and inspection of your purchased goods before sending them to Iran.
  • The availability of a Persian interpreter who is also familiar with Chinese business laws when visiting exhibitions, factories and when negotiating and concluding a contract with the seller.
  • Warehousing, packing and shipping services in the form of retail cargo and full container load to Iran and Dubai.
  • Providing airway transportation for cargos from China to Iran.
  • Inspections of goods in China and issuance of relevant certificates.
  • Airway transportation and cargo from China to Dubai
  • Seaway transportation of all cargos as FCL and LCL from all ports in China to Iran and United Arab Emirates
  • Carrying out all the procedures of goods clearance from Chinese customs and sending them to Iran.
  • Purchasing from websites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, madeinchina, etc.

Why do we need to use cargo and transport services in China?

In addition to saving your money significantly, using cargo services in China will also speed up your international business process. And that’s why many merchants and traders are interested in using cargo services in China. As a cargo service provider in China, IRdelivery is ready to provide services to dear merchants with the latest business methods. We provide you with all cargo services in China.

You can see some of the advantages of using cargo services in China, below:

  • IRdelivery carries out all the procedures of your business and delivers your cargo to your desired destination.
  • By using cargo services in China all your import and export procedures are done faster.
  • Merchants can see a sample of the desired product before purchasing.
  • All the steps of setting up contracts with Chinese sellers and manufacturers are done professionally with the help of experienced interpreters and translators to avoid any fraud.
  • Transportation services for merchants
  • Counselling with merchants to save as much as possible when purchasing

کارگو ایرانی در چین

How much does cargo services from China, cost?

The cost of cargo services in China can be different depending on variety of conditions and factors during trade. And it depends on your business category, type of shipment, origin and destination, etc.

We are committed to provide you with all cargo services in China at the lowest possible cost. Contact us for more information and free advice on cargo charges from China.

Cargo and air freight from China

One of the most popular methods of cargo from China is air freight. Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods. CARGO airports are being constantly developed and expanded to facilitate and accelerate transportation. China’s CARGO  airports are among the top ranks in the world.

The International Airport Council has listed five airports in China and they are introduced below.

Hong Kong International Airport

The world’s largest cargo airport is located in Hong Kong. Hong Kong International Airport holds the honorable first place and has maintained it for many years. This airport has been the busiest airport in the world for 9 years. In 2018, the airport handled 5.1 million tons of cargo, accounting for 42 percent of Hong Kong total foreign trade value. At the time being, Hong Kong International Airport provides 43 parking spaces for cargo airplanes. The special advantages of this airport are primarily geographical location, excellent connectivity, the most modern facilities, sufficient capacity to handle cargo, as well as guaranteed efficiency and safety. Companies such as Air France Cargo, DHL Aviation, Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Airway and UPS Airlines operate in this airport.

Shanghai Pudong International airport

Shanghai Pudong is the second largest airport in China. However among the world largest cargo hubs, Shanghai airport ranks third. This airport handles more than 3.1 million tons of cargo annually. This airport plays a vitally important role in loading in China. There are many shipping companies at Shanghai airport including DHL Aviation, FedEx Express, Air China Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, UPS Airlines.

کارگو چین به ایران

Beijing International Airport

Beijing International Airport is the third largest cargo airport in China. This airport was opened in 1958. Cargo transportation is carried out by more than 100 airlines from all over the world. Transportation companies such as Air China Cargo, DHL Aviation, FedEx Express, and Lufthansa Cargo operate in this center. Beijing International Airport has four hangars. The facility is classified as an F4 facility, meaning it can also handle wide body equipment. The cargo airport handles more than 2 million tons of cargo annually (there were only 34.000 tons 40 years ago).

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the fourth largest cargo airport in China. This airport is one of the busiest airports in southern China. This center handles more than 1.8 million tons of cargo. Guangzhou Baiyun has been operating since 2004. Airway transport companies such as Air France Cargo, Korean Air Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo and UPS mainly operate in this airport.

Guangzhou is also the FedEx hub in Asia and Oceania. From the beginning this center had 136 flights per week.

Shenzhen International Airport

Shenzhen International Airport is one of the largest airports in the southern China. This center was opened in 1991. The cargo airport in Shenzhen handles more than 1 million tons of cargo annually. The logistic center at the airport covers an area of 115.000 square meters and offers customs warehousing, international logistic distribution, customs services as well as delivery. The airport serves in 39 cargo routes that connect to 33 destinations. Shipping companies like USP Airlines, China Airlines Cargo, China Cargo Airlines and also FedEx Express operate in this port. This airport serves as a cargo hub for USP in Asia and Pacific Ocean. Cargo services in China requires experience and background in this field. Contact IRdelivery experts today to guide you in your business and cargo services in China.


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