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Buying from Amazon

Buy from Amazon and its tips

Buying from Amazon is a good solution for people looking for a product that they cannot find in Iran. People did not intend to shop online and even considered it a scam and unreliable thing in the past. Many people were afraid to register their banking information on the Internet and were not interested in doing so. So they were not thinking of buying from Amazon, but buying from in-house platforms was also a bit unpopular.

Nowadays, this trend has changed, and more people than ever before have turned to online shopping and do most of their daily activities on the Internet. Shopping from the Amazon Store is one of those events.

But for the reasons we all know, Iranians can’t buy directly from Amazon. In the past, to buy from the Amazon store, after purchasing the desired product, we had to send it to an acquaintance abroad, and after that, our goods would be delivered to us through foreign travelers.

Now you can easily buy the product you want through Amazon and not live through the past hardships. By “Iran Delivery” group, you can inform us everything you want on Amazon so that it can be bought by us abroad and can be obtained in Iran or other parts of the world as soon as possible. This article will introduce you to Amazon and purchase from it.

خرید از آمازون

The History of Amazon website

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon started working in Seattle, U.S.  Jeff Bezos had ambitious dreams, and intended to dominate the electronic business. He wanted to turn Amazon into a shop where everything could be found.

Having worked for 20 years after the start of its journey, this shop is active in more than 14 countries and covers almost half the population of the world. An interesting fact to know is that with a value of more than 700 billion dollars, Amazon is the fourth biggest company of the world. Also, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, is one of the three richest people in the world.

Amazon can be considered to be the most flawless online shopping website where anything you want is available with the best price. A lot of users visit Amazon on a daily basis. Many retailers advertise on Amazon all around the world which has made a great deal of income for this website.

Amazon is also a big manufacturer in technology, hardware, and even movie, and documentary industry.

We have provided our users with a platform where you can easily choose your goods using a computer, or a phone, and be informed of their price and details simply by sending us the link.

You dear users can get your goods in the shortest amount of time, and with the best price at your home using “Ir Delivery” website.

Shopping on Amazon

Why is it attractive to buy from Amazon?

By visiting the official Amazon website, you will find that some of the products on this website have a better price than those of its competitors. You might ask yourself why is it that the prices on Amazon are lower? In fact, Amazon does not determine the prices of the goods, and to have prices, it uses different factors, some of which will be discussed below.

  • Pricing based on a special algorithm

The Amazon website, like other online shops, uses its special algorithm to price goods. This algorithm dynamically sets the prices based on supply and demand. In fact, using the market analyses, the product profits, the number of available retailers and many other items, the prices are controlled and given to the costumer.

Although this does not stand to reason that every single product will be found with a better price than in other online shops, it is rather a system to monitor the prices to deliver the goods to the costumers with the best prices.

  • Investments in different parts to reduce the cost

With huge investments in different parts like cheaper packaging, or delivering the goods directly and without a third-party, Amazon has tried to have a considerable reduction in costs. With reduction in cost of services, the final price of the goods is also dropped which serves as more of a satisfaction to costumers.

An important tip on shopping from Amazon

When shopping on Amazon, you need to pay attention to a few things which will be discussed in the following lines.

When shopping on Amazon, try to choose your products correctly and not be fooled by the discounts, points, and extra offers. Maybe it is the case for you as well that because of a timed discount, you buy something totally unnecessary. Some retailers use this trick to sell more of their products.

In fact, so many of Amazon’s goods are offered with discounts that you often forget what products you really need and what you do not.

خرید از سایت آمازون

 How to buy from Amazon?

One of the interesting things about shopping on Amazon which is available for a host of people is the existence of original products. You can find goods on Amazon likes of which will not be found in Iran at all. In some cases, these goods are not even seen on Chinese shops.

Leveraging its experts, “Ir. Delivery” is ready to provide shopping services from Amazon to its users. Making the steps of your shopping easier and reducing the time of delivery and cost, this company will do your shopping safely and deliver your goods.

To do this, after entering your name and contact information and sending us the link to your chosen good, our experts at “Ir. Delivery” will contact you and let you know the complete details with the final price.

“Ir. Delivery” cannot accept the requests for the goods which are forbidden or against the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Using this link, you can also watch the video on how to shop on Amazon.


Buying from Alibaba

Buying from Alibaba site and its tips

Shopping from Alibaba is one of the best ways to shop online, with many fans worldwide, especially in Asia. If you are a businessman or merchant or even intend to supply goods as an ordinary person, buying from Alibaba can be the best option.

Alibaba.com is one of the largest online shopping stores in China, and it has a global reputation. Reasonable price, acceptable quality of goods and services and extensive support worldwide are among the reasons for the popularity of this online store. The main activity of Alibaba’s site in online sales is wholesale and retail. This platform has provided a platform for the manufacturer of goods to deliver his product to customers worldwide at the lowest price without intermediaries.

The online store has more than 200 million users worldwide. Also, more than 7 million sellers and manufacturers on this website are actively presenting their products. It is interesting to know that shopping from Alibaba alone accounts for more than eighty percent of the traffic of online retailers in China.

Perhaps the feature that makes buying from Alibaba attractive to Iranian users is the possibility of using it without any problems. Many international online stores, such as Amazon or eBay, do not provide services to Iranian users due to international sanctions against Iran.

But Alibaba site has fewer restrictions on the activities of Iranians, which can be one of its features. Of course, using this feature also requires the experience of experts.

As one of the largest dynamic economies globally, China has a large manufacturing industry that can be an excellent option to meet our needs, given its very reasonable prices. For many years, Iranian traders have had large imports from China due to the good relations between the two countries.

 With the advancement of technology and the spread of online commerce, we may not need to travel to China in person to supply our goods as before. You can easily receive all your goods in the country by using the possibility of buying from Alibaba.

 IR Delivery Group, with the benefit of its experience, as well as its experts, is ready to provide all shopping services from Alibaba for its users. Then join us to get more information about shopping from the Alibaba site.

خرید از سایت علی بابا

Everything about buying from Alibaba

Alibaba Company has been operating in Hangzhou since 1999. The founder of this global international store is Mr. Jack Ma. Alibaba site at the beginning of its activity, was able to quickly follow the path of success and became profitable in just two years.

Over the past 20 years, the company has sought to establish itself internationally through innovation and global operations. For example, it is interesting to know that the Alibaba site allocates 3% of its annual revenue to environmental protection.

As mentioned earlier, Alibaba is a Chinese online store that offers its products directly and without intermediaries to its users. This platform makes buying bulk directly from the manufacturer for traders and merchants. They can easily choose the product they want from hundreds of manufacturers at any price.

Ali Express is one of the sub-branches of Alibaba Company, which is suitable for small purchases. Since most sellers on the Alibaba site prefer a minimum purchase price of $ 500, Ali Express does not place any restrictions on this.

خرید از فروشگاه اینترنتی علی بابا

Alibaba site and its details

All services of Alibaba Company are provided to customers through its website. Alibaba is the largest online store in China.

Alibaba website performance

Like any other website, you need to register first to work on Alibaba. If you are a manufacturer or seller of goods, you can easily create an account on this site. Alibaba site covers all the goods, and it is impossible for you to ask for something and not find it.

To buy a product, when entering the website, all you have to do is search for the product you want to find many sellers for your product. You can also select your product from the categories section of the site. Alibaba has attractive features for customers to buy the right product.

You can talk directly with the seller of the goods and get information about quality and price from him. You can also view the comments of other buyers of the product and benefit from the experience of other buyers. The ratings that users give to each product after purchase is another way to identify the right product when buying from Alibaba.

Types of sellers on Alibaba site

If you intend to work as a seller in Alibaba, it is better to know that sellers on this platform are divided into two categories.

  • Gold sellers
  • Non-gold sellers

Gold sellers are those who pay a membership fee to Alibaba to increase their ranking, and Alibaba gives the seller more legitimacy by approving it. In contrast, there are non-gold sellers who use Alibaba’s free services.

Gold sellers have access to three membership levels, which we will mention below.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

Each level has its own capabilities that you can use according to your needs. If you want to prioritize search results or showcase more products, a particular level may be appropriate. This level can increase your product views up to 100 times.

In any case, using Alibaba services is free, but if you want to use all the features of the Alibaba site, you have to pay for it!

Learn to buy from Alibaba

To buy from Alibaba, you need to register in it. We will teach you step-by-step to buy from the Alibaba site and some related tips in the following part.

  • Create an account in Ali Baba

Before starting an activity on the Alibaba site, it is necessary to register in it first. The registration process in Alibaba is straightforward, and it is possible only by registering your basic information. By choosing your username and password, you will be able to work with the Alibaba website.

  • Get information about Alibaba sellers

The first step to making a successful purchase is finding the right seller. In addition to being reliable, the seller must sell your product to you at the lowest price. At this point, you need to select your seller using the search tools.

Sellers are available on the Alibaba site in two ways, and you can make your purchase in two ways:

-Direct purchase from the factory: In this method, you make your purchase directly from the factory.

-Buying from intermediary companies: These types of sellers are intermediaries between you and the factory.

  • Search for goods in Alibaba

Once you have registered and met the various sellers, you can search for the product and product you need by searching the site. Alibaba site provides you with many possibilities for exploring. From search by name to product rating and ranking.

Once you have found your product, you can choose it by examining it from different angles. Things to consider when choosing your product are:

  • Price of goods

The most important part of a good purchase is having the right price for the product. When buying from Alibaba, you should pay attention to the cost of your product and the type of transportation. In Alibaba, sellers must specify whether they will deliver the cargo to the ship’s deck or not. In the case of cargo delivery on the ship’s deck, the cost of transporting the cargo to the ship is on the seller.

  • Order quantity and its minimum

When buying your product, you should pay attention to the minimum allowed order. You can talk to the seller about the amount of your order and change it if agreed.

  • Payment type

Now that you have found your product and agreed with the seller, you must check the payment method. Note that this requires sufficient expertise and experience.

Types of payment methods in Alibaba

You can pay in several possible ways on the Alibaba site. In the following part, these payments will be considered:

  • Bank transfer:

This payment method is only suitable if you know the seller and have already made a deal with him. Advance payment by bank transfer is not offered at all to anonymous sellers.

  • Credit payment:

If your transaction is more than twenty thousand dollars, we suggest you use this method. This payment method is safe and secure.

  • Payment through Western Union:

This method of payment is as risky as the first method. This payment type is used only when the seller is reputable and you trust him.

  • Pay via PayPal:

PayPal is a top-rated global payment service. You can easily make your payments from anywhere in the world this way with high security. Note that PayPal is not supported in all countries. Also, the tax is higher than other methods.

  • Alibaba Guarantee Document:

This kind of payment method has the highest security in Alibaba. In this method, your payment will be paid to the seller after confirmation by Alibaba.

The final stage of buying from Alibaba

So far, you have succeeded in buying your goods after registering and finding the right seller and product. The final stage of buying from Alibaba is absolute control of the quality of your product and goods. You must make sure of the quality of the goods before receiving them.

The point that becomes a challenge at this stage is how buyers who buy their product from other parts of the world check its quality? Buyers outside China cannot directly check their shipments. These people have to make their shipments through the companies that provide services in this field.

The IRdelivery group, with its experienced staff and experts, can easily help you in this regard. We will do the purchase process for you from Alibaba from the beginning to the end as soon as possible, and after final review and approval, we will deliver it to you in the country.

خرید از سایت علی بابا

Buy from Alibaba in the fastest time.

Buying from Alibaba can be a valuable option for promoting your business in the future. With the platform that the Alibaba site has provided for you, you can easily offer the types of products you need. Affordable shopping and the wide variety of products on Alibaba’s site have made it an ideal online store more than anything else.

Given that you are in direct contact with the manufacturer in Alibaba, you were concerned about quality and originality.

Another advantage of buying from Alibaba is the speed and delivery process. The IRdelivery site guarantees that your shipment will reach your loved ones in the fastest possible time and with complete security.


خرید از علی اکسپرس

Buying from Ali Express

Everything about buying from Ali Express

One of the best ways to shop online is to buy from Ali Express. Ali Express is the international store of the Chinese giant Alibaba. This store is one of the severe competitors of Amazon and eBay, both of which are the greats of the global online sales industry. The value of this company alone is several billion dollars.

The company initially provided sales services between manufacturers, which has expanded over time and now offers various sales services between manufacturers and retail customers. The company also provides cloud computing and payment services. Shopping from Ali Express is currently one of the most popular shopping methods globally.

Introducing Ali Express

Ali Express is a Chinese store operating since 2010 as one of the global sales and supply centers. This company is one of the subsidiaries of Alibaba Company, and most of its goods are made by Chinese manufacturers.

Shopping from Ali Express is attractive because this international store has a wide variety of goods. More than forty categories and over one hundred million types of goods are among the features of the Ali Express site. You can find anything you want on this website.

Ali Express offers its services to more than 200 countries, and the reason for its global popularity can be attributed to the price of its very reasonable goods. Also, shipping from the Ali Express website is very affordable and sometimes accessible.

In this online store, like other platforms like eBay and Etsy, you have to buy your product from an intermediary seller, so you need to ensure the seller’s credit when you buy. In addition to credit, you should pay attention to your transaction’s shipping terms and incidental costs.

In general, Ali Express online store can be considered suitable for all users. Shopping from Ali Express is an exciting experience for those interested in shopping online. You can find any product you can think of at the best price, either retail or wholesale. Proper delivery conditions and taking advantage of other users’ comments and experiences make this experience even more enjoyable.

خرید از سایت علی اکسپرس

How to buy from Ali Express?

Due to existing restrictions, Iranian users will not be able to purchase directly from Ali Express. However, Iran Delivery Company has provided conditions so that shopping from Ali Express, like other online stores, is easily possible. By using the menu on the main page, you can select the category of your desired product and search for your product in it. There are also other sections such as the best sellers and the most popular, etc. You can see the specific goods that others bought.

Other popular parts of this store include discounted goods, low-priced goods, Chinese brands, etc., which have their customers. Since the variety of products in this store is very high, it is necessary to be careful in buying your product so as not to buy counterfeit goods instead of the original.

One of the features of buying from Ali Express is guaranteeing its return to the customer. If you are not satisfied with the goods you receive or the goods sent to you are different from what you ordered, Ali Express guarantees that your money will be refunded. This is possible in case of potential problems or mistakes. In the following, we will review the purchase process from Ali Express together.

Learning to buy from Ali Express

It does not matter what goods you intend to buy; Iran Delivery Company will easily and with high security, deliver your desired goods to you in the fastest possible time. In any case, you first need to enter the Ali Express site through the address www.aliexpress.com You can access the search bar on the main page via the menu at the top of the page. You can use this bar to search for the product you want. Also, on the left, you have access to the general categories of goods shown to you as separate icons.

At the bottom of the search bar, there are several different options for specific sales offers such as discounts, special deals, bestsellers, particular brands, etc. You will also see a picture of the selected goods on the main page, and by choosing each one, you will enter its description page.

To better understand how to buy from Ali Express, we assume that we intend to purchase goods on this site. After entering the Ali Express website from the left and in the category of goods, we select the category in which our desired product is located. After choosing the type, we enter the desired page and see all the products of that category.

One of the advantages of choosing a product category over a direct search in the toolbar is visiting similar products and seeing various other items.

On this page, you can see each product separately in a frame, which provides you with some additional information in addition to the product photo. Information such as price, discounts, shipping cost, seller rating, etc., will be provided to you. You can even see if the seller is online or offline.


You choose the product; we will buy it from Ali Express for you.

After you find the product you want, click on it. You will enter the sales page and the description page of the product at this point. And you will be able to see all the related information to that product. Some information such as dimensions of goods, costs and shipping conditions, terms of warranty and return of goods, etc., can be viewed through this page.

By scrolling down the page and viewing various images of the product, you can view other models, manufacturer information, order history, other customer reviews, and more. From the total of this information, you can decide whether the seller is credible.

Suppose you have checked all the information and are sure of buying your product. In that case, all you have to do is select the page address of your desired product and enter it on the Iran Delivery website to be informed of its delivery price inside.

IR Delivery is committed to purchasing Ali Express for you with the best price and high quality of services and delivering your goods to you as soon as possible.

In buying from Ali Express, all you have to do is choose your product and, after paying for it, wait to receive it at your door.

خرید از علی اکسپرس

What points should we pay attention to while buying from Ali Express?

There are many different sellers in the Ali Express store, all of whom offer goods of varying quality. Before buying from Ali Express, you must ensure that the seller is credible. You can do this through the points and tokens that the Ali Express site shows you.

One of the best tools to identify a reputable seller is to look at buyers’ feedback and previous sales history. You can also view information about the activity history and its duration in Ali Express for each seller. You can view this information by clicking on the seller’s name on its dedicated profile page. You can see all the information you need about the seller on this page.

Sellers who have low stars and low scores and their previous buyers’ negative comments are not an excellent option to buy from Ali Express at all.

Try to avoid emotional shopping. When you buy from Ali Express, you will encounter a wide range of cheap goods and copy goods. If you do not choose your product carefully, you may discover poor quality products that are not worth buying.

You may see a product worth ten million with one million on this site! These are not original products and are just a copy of the actual product. Do not make emotional purchases and focus only on the product you need.

If you plan to buy in bulk, it is better to contact the seller and talk about the price and delivery terms. These conversations can sometimes lead to more discounts or special privileges from the seller for the buyer.

If the product you bought is expensive, try not to choose the free shipping service. In this type of shipping, the delivery time is much longer, but your product is not guaranteed to be shipped.


خرید از

Buying from ebay

Buy from eBay, the world’s largest auction

eBay is one of the largest multinational corporations in the United States. Currently, shopping on eBay is one of the most enjoyable experiences in online shopping. This site has provided the first and largest online auction platform globally and is the largest online auction company in the world.

Everyone who works in e-commerce is familiar with the name of the eBay website. eBay website provides a platform for communication between sellers and buyers, and it eliminates intermediaries and delivers goods directly from the seller to the customer.

eBay is the first online shop globally that started its activities as an auction and is a major online auction center.

Purchasing from eBay means that you are not initially buying a product from the company itself. eBay has provided a platform for sellers and buyers to exchange goods directly and without intermediaries. The sellers auction their goods according to some special rules, and the buyers buy their goods according to their needs and price choices.

Auction sales have long been popular among people and have been one of the best ways to buy cheap and find rare items for collectors. Purchasing from eBay has provided the same conditions for you online.

Today the eBay website makes direct shopping very easy and allows different people to access various products.

خرید از ebay

Introducing eBay

The company started its activities by an Iranian-American named Pierre Omidyar in the US state of California in 1995. The company is headquartered in San Jose.

eBay is now one of the largest online shopping giants in the world. The company has nearly 200 million active users with more than $ 9 billion annual revenue.

Buying from eBay revolutionized e-commerce. The creativity of this company made it able to succeed among its competitors and surpass them. Ebay’s revenue is between 12 and 15% of the goods sales by sellers.

eBay and its extensive worldwide services and strong support have quickly become popular with people worldwide. This company offers its services in most countries of the world. Of course, it should be noted that eBay services are limited in some countries, such as Iran and even in some US states.

eBay lets you choose and buy your products in a safe and secure environment. eBay hosts most of the world’s leading brands and has a wide variety of products.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Iran Delivery Collection has made it easy for its users to sell and buy from eBay.

خرید از فروشگاه اینترنتی ebay

Advantages of buying from eBay

The online marketplace of the eBay store is so large that even sellers do not have to worry about not selling their goods! Although there is a lot of competition between sellers, there is no concern about selling the products due to the high number of buyers in this store.

In this platform, buyers can easily choose a product that fits their budget from many sellers, and after checking the quality and rank of the seller, they can proceed to purchase it.

The eBay site makes it easy for retailers to offer goods by providing the right conditions. By selling their products on eBay, small retailers have the opportunity to become known worldwide and grow their business.

eBay provides exceptional services to goods sellers and has always supported their business. If a buyer requests a refund for unfair reasons, eBay investigates the problem, following its rules and helping sellers.

Buy from eBay, the world’s largest auction.

If you intend to buy from eBay, you should pay attention to the fact that Iran Delivery Company will be by your side in all stages of buying from eBay, and it will deliver your goods to you as soon as possible.

Like any other website, you must register first to get started on eBay. First, enter the leading eBay site and register through the register option to open an account. After completing the relevant form and entering your personal information, enter your email and confirm your email.

Your registration is done, and you can easily start searching for the product you want. It would be best to consider that eBay is the center for auctioned and used goods, so you have to be very careful in choosing your product.

Shopping on eBay is like other online stores such as Amazon, and it offers many facilities for its customers in shopping. These two online stores are considered the giants of international e-commerce. With over 250 million purchases, eBay is one of the five largest markets globally.

What points should we consider as a seller on eBay?

If you plan to sell on eBay, here are a few tips to keep your customers more satisfied.

  • Selling on eBay has a cost.

Before you decide to operate and sell goods in the online space, you should pay attention to the fact that sharing and renting a showcase in the eBay online store has a cost. Before doing so, do all the cost calculations to make sure it is profitable. This subscription fee is the same as renting a shop in the real world.

  • Attract the customer by offering attractive discounts

The eBay store has a feature for sellers to attract more customers by offering discount coupons. By offering these coupons, you will increase the traffic to your store, which will ultimately increase your sales.

These coupons have rules that you must read thoroughly before anything else.

  • Identify your customers’ needs and requests.

One way to improve the quality of service and increase product sales is to identify customer needs correctly. As an online store, you should be able to follow its principles to stay longer in this field.

By interacting with the customer and asking for their opinions, try to identify their needs and meet them.

Do not forget that the more you interact with customers, the more successful you will be in your business.

خرید از سایت ebay

Shopping from eBay is an enjoyable experience.

The experience of buying from eBay, the top e-commerce company, can be delightful and exciting. This article tried to make you more familiar with this online sales site and prepare you for a great purchase. Buying from eBay can be as easy and exciting as it can be challenging for Iranian users.

Irdelivery Company is ready to be by your side in all stages of buying from eBay. After selecting our desired product and introducing it to Iranian delivery experts, we will do all the purchasing steps and deliver it to you in the fastest possible time.


خرید از سایت 1688

Buying from 1688

Everything you need to know about buying from 1688

If you are looking for a wholesale site, buying from 1688 is the best option. 1688 Online Store is the largest wholesale site in China. The people of China mainly use this online shopping site, and its main focus is on selling goods and products in bulk.

Purchasing from 1688 has been the focus of most merchants and traders since all active sellers in this online store have government licenses. Anyone wishing to work as a salesman in 1688 must pay an annual membership fee and have the necessary business licenses. For this reason, fraudsters and profiteers can’t work in this store.

خرید از فروشگاه اینترنتی 1688

Buying from 1688, China’s most significant wholesale – Introduction 1688

If you are interested in online shopping or the field of international trade, you have heard of Alibaba Company. Alibaba Company is a global online shop that is very famous in the world. 1688 is one of the subsidiaries of Alibaba Company.

1688 website is dedicated to China’s domestic market and, as mentioned earlier, its focus is mainly on the sale of goods. The goods in this store are available primarily to small sellers. This online shop has its retail selling too.

Purchasing from 1688 has made it possible for Chinese business activists to procure all their products and needs from this website easily. This possibility, along with low prices and good quality of goods on this site, is another attraction of buying from 1688.

Most of the buyers of this online shop are large factories and manufacturers. Commercial companies and market participants are other buyers of this online shop.

خرید از 1688.com

What is the difference between Alibaba and 1688?

As we mentioned, 1688 online shop is a subset of Alibaba Company. But what is the difference between buying from 1688 and buying from Alibaba? Here are some of them.

If you visit the 1688.com website, the first thing that catches your eye is the website’s Chinese language! This is because the 1688 site is designed for domestic buyers in China. Alibaba, on the other hand, offers its services to customers globally. Alibaba site supports most languages of the world, such as Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Dutch, Spanish, etc.

Another difference between the two platforms is the way they sell their product. Buying from 1688 is more suitable for those who want to buy in bulk.

The popularity of 1688 online shop in China

The reasonable prices of the products in 1688 has made this online shop very popular among the Chinese people. 1688 is currently the most popular shopping platform and the largest wholesaler in China.

In addition to the Chinese interest in shopping from the 1688 website, large corporations and commercial companies also purchase and distribute the bought goods from this website worldwide. Currently, 1688 has more than 50,000 active vendors, and all of them have legal licenses. If you are looking for a product that you did not find anywhere else, be sure that you can find it in 1688.


Methods of communication with sellers in 1688

You may be wondering if the services of 1688 are for Chinese people, then how we should deal with the sellers. The fact is that all the sellers of 1688 are Chinese, and they speak the same language. If you want to communicate with suppliers on this site, you must be fluent in Chinese or hire a translator.

Another way to connect with sellers is to use Google Online Translator. In this method, you can enter your sentence in Persian, receive its Chinese equivalent, and send it to the seller.

With its experts and fluent translators in Chinese, Iran Delivery Company will do all the steps for you to buy from 1688 and deliver your goods to you in Iran as soon as possible. Contact us for more information and free consultation.

Types of payment methods on the site 1688

You can use different methods to buy from 1688, some of which we will mention below.

  • By AliPay payment network
  • Pay via Wechat
  • By depositing into a personal bank account
  • Payment through the company’s bank account

The point to keep in mind when buying from 1688 is that on this site, you can only pay for your purchase through the Chinese Yuan, and it is not possible to pay in US dollars.

But in some cases, the seller will accept the US dollar, which requires export and import licenses. It is important to note that purchasing from the 1688 website in dollars must be done through your dealer.

The best way is to use the Iran Delivery Company to complete the purchase process in 1688. You pay us for your goods in dollars, and we will buy directly in Yuan. Contact us for more information on payment methods.

خرید از سایت 1688

The first step to buy from 1688

With a long history in the field of consulting and import services, Iran Delivery can be the best option for you. After consulting with you, our experts will buy the product you need and deliver it to your door. You can pay us easily and without any worries, and in return, we will provide the money transfer and conversion services to the desired unit.

After purchasing your goods from the seller, our representatives in China will check them before delivery and loading at the port. They ensure its health and quality before loading.

Irdelivery will save you money and time with its modern and up-to-date trade methods.

1688 site translation for easier use

Google Translation is one of the best ways to view 1688 in English and make it easier to use. To do this, your computer browser should be Google Chrome. If you do not have this browser, you can download it from the following address.


To view the 1688 website in English or Persian, all you have to do is enter the main website of this online store with the Chrome browser. Then right-click on the page and select Translate to the desired language from the menu that opens. In the pictures below, you can see how to do this.

Enter site 1688.

سایت 1688

Right click on the page and select “Translate to English”.

خرید از فروشگاه 1688

The language of the site is in English now.

What should we know about sellers while buying from 1688?

As we have mentioned earlier, all vendors operating on the 1688 site are required to obtain the relevant commercial licenses from the government. Having these licenses assures you that you are more confident in the quality and authenticity of the goods offered in this store. By entering the seller page, you will have access to all the sellers’ company registration information and details. In this section, you can access information such as the seller’s address and their activity type, company capital, date and history of their past activities, etc. and check them.

To access the seller information, follow the steps below.

Open the seller profile.

Select the “Company” option.

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Concluding remarks on purchases from 1688

Shopping from 1688 brings you one of the most exciting online shopping experiences. This online shop and it is very reasonable prices can be a good option for traders and international trade activists. This website is designed for Chinese domestic customers, and it is a bit difficult for foreigners to work with.

You must be fluent in Chinese or use a translator to read the details of the product, vendors, cost and more.

For the convenience of the buying and trading process on this platform, you can get help from “Iran Delivery Company” to perform all the steps at the lowest possible cost.

With a long history in international trade, we are ready to provide the following services to our dear customers.

  • If you wish, we will deliver a sample of the goods to you so you can check them before the final payment.
  • If desired, we check all of your goods before loading them on the ship.
  • You can get your purchase from several different sellers, and we will pack and send them to you in one package.
  • We allow you to put your brand on the packaging.
  • It is possible to send your cargo by sea, airways and express routes.